NRITHYANJALI School Of Dance has been preserving & promoting the rich cultural heritage of India, through training students in the field of Bharathnatyam (Classical dance) as well as Semi-classical, folk, Bollywood dances for over 15 years in the Carolinas.  We have proudly presented our talents in more than 600 various performances as well as conducting workshops and arangetrams. We take pride in following the Guru - Shishya parampara, thus bringing the Indian values closer to heart through art.

The name 'NRITHYANJALI' is  derived from Sanskrit, an ancient language of India. Nrithya is an aspect of dance combining rhythm and expression, and 'Anjali' is  to salute or honor. So, NRITHYANJALI simply means 'salutations to dance'.

NRITHYANJALI School Of Dance offers specialized Indian dance lessons in South & North Carolina. Registration is open for all ages and levels, all year long. New batch starts every quarter. We perform for festivals, functions, weddings and special occasions.
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IAG Mela is fast approaching. Please register at the earliest. This is an opportunity for each and every one of our students to show off their moves. For those that have already registered, please CLICK HERE to keep up to date with the practice schedule.
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NSOD welcomes you to take an enchanting tour and explore its amazing Indian Dance Forms……… BHARATHANATYAM, SEMI-CLASSICAL, FOLK, FUSION/REMIX (BOLLYWOOD), SHLOKA, CLASSES FOR SPECIAL EVENTS/PROGRAMS. Do not miss the opportunity to take part in Theatrical Productions. Registration is open for boys, girls & adults of all ages and levels, all year long. Call 864-335-9898 to ENROLL NOW.
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