As always, I wish to commend you and your dancers for producing such a beautiful dance and drama. Everything was excellent: the story, the choreography, the lighting and sets, the costumes....all combined to create a wonderfully rich, culturally-exciting evening!

I attended the Krishna dance performance with Mr. Godfrey. I thought the dance was incredible. I loved every second of it! I traveled to India last year for two weeks and fell in love with the Indian Culture and Hinduism. I was so excited to go see a Krishna performance in America because its not often that there is a Hindu celebration for the public. I loved learning about the story of Krishna and the many heroic feats he accomplished. I was very impressed by all of the dancers, they were phenomenal! The music was also great. I learned so much more about Lord Krishna and was very pleased with the great performance. Thank you for all of your hard work to put on a great show.

Wanted to congratulate you and aunty for putting up such a wonderful, amazing stunning performance. All the hardwork and efforts are clearly visible in that awesome show. Enjoyed it thoroughly!

It was really good I loved it. I really liked how colorful it was it was a really great show.

It was a beautiful performance, I just loved it and I am sure you got the same feedback from all others in the audience. it sure was spell binding.

The colors and the dancing were so vibrant and extravagant i almost cried! The dancers were always on rhythm and i loved their heads always moving in sync, it was really neat! I especially enjoyed the journey all the characters had to go on. It was a story of epic proportions. I will always remember Krishna and wish to see more performances in the near future.

Firstly, thank you so much for organizing and directing the Krishna event. It was such a lovely and stunning performance by both the musicians and the dancers. I was so excited to attend the event and was very pleased by what I saw there. It was an extremely educational and delightful experience. Everything I had not heard before was very well explained to me so that I understood exactly what was being told in these stories. The glossary, program, and narration helped me put the pieces of the story together and gave me a complete understand of what happening in the plot. I was so glad to have learned more about Indian culture and the Hindu religion, and I will make sure to keep my eyes out for any future events you all hold.

I really enjoyed coming to see your dance school's production! I never knew of the story of Krishna before I came and I had never seen that style of dance before, so it was a very wonderful, interesting experience for me! I'm glad that my School gave us the opportunity to see your performance. Thank you, and beautiful job!

It was a pleasure to attend your dance performance on Saturday. The dance was beautiful. The outfits, the dancing, the music, it was all beautiful. It was a little long, and something like an intermission may have been beneficial. But I was definitely impressed with the performance. Thank you for providing such a wonderful spectacle!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for a fabulous program. We were humbled by the fantastic show - the Viswaroopam was simply awe-inspiring! Each of the scenes and sets kept us wanting more, and the finale with all of the artistes coming out dazzled us! Special applause to Kutty Krishna!! The accompanying artistes enabled the lovely program to come through to the audience with an aural delight that added to the visual treat and kept us enthralled. Thanks again for a wonderful evening!

Just wanted to reach out to you to CONGRATULATE you on an absolutely awesome performance!!! I had been looking forward to your recital, and with the Live orchestra this time, it was such a treat to watch!!! You & all the kids did an amazing job! Wow - hadn't realised you sing so well too !!! You are so talented ... The only thing that I feel was missing was an introduction of the person who was behind this incredible performance!!!
Sunitha Raj's