Linda Sommer
I thoroughly enjoyed the performance of Ramayana. You've got some incredibly talented young dancer. How inspiring!!! The costumes were fabulous as well as the narrative and music.  A wonderful evening!!!!

Leena Sutaria
It was great show, perfect cordination,choreography, dressing, music, stage decoration. everything was perfect and absorbed in each other. most of our friends came from asheville and very amazed to see such a wonderful show first time in Carolina.
we are very fortunate to become part of RAMAYANA family.special thanks to all volunteers for helping through out the practice.great team effort.

Gabriele (Ganga)
I heard the performance was amazing and wonderful...I had purchased tickets but gave them to other people because I had a conflict and was not able to attend...I so wished that you would have had several performances...Maybe Friday night and Sunday afternoon...Please do it again...Thanks...

Tanja Mamas
An exceptional professional performance with smooth scene changes and beautiful scenery and costumes. The music was enchanting and the dancers were exquisite.  Congratulations to all!

Tom Willard
We were honored to have been present for this first presentation by you.  It was beautifully performed and the program we received helped us tremendously to understand the acts as they unfolded. I hope to receive information from you in the future anytime there are other cultural events.
Thank you and your wonderful group!

Trey Scott
Amazing dancing and music. I could FEEL the heart and soul of the performance and story.

Bharti Mathur
The event was wonderful. The performers did a fabulous job. The planning and preparation that had gone into setting up a program like this was impeccable. I believe that we need to have more programs like this in town. I would love to be a part of this cultural awareness in our town.Thank you for bringing this great show to us.

Rashmi Sarin
What a night and what a performance!!!! I've no words to appreciate your hard work. My nine year old son, who accompanied me did not know the story of Ramayana so I told him the story before we watched this show and he was able to narrate me the story after this show!!! In my opinion that is a great job. Thanks for your hard work and hoping to see some more of your talented work in future. Please thank everyone who helped and supported you.

The whole program was incredible.Every participant did justice to their role.To me it was mind blowing and extremely well organized and almost like in the movies.The costumes and backdrops were outstanding.All in all it revealed your outstanding choreography,Hardwork of the participants and the parents. Great job. Looking forward to more such quality programs.

Dipti Patel
I loved it! all the costumes stage props everything was wonderful. Special thanks to mom's back stage without whom this would not have been a flawless performance. Congratulations to all the little kids who did outstanding job. Way to go, Sunitha. I am so lucky my daughter was part of this. thank you

Rachna Patel
What an OUTSTANDING performance we had? Everyone did such a wonderful job! I like to say special thanks to mothers who were working on the stage throughout the program. They were so accurate to put all the props at the right place on right time, without that the program would not have been flawlessly run. Thanks to your family Sunita, for everything they did.

Kailash Khandke, Assistant Dean, Study Away and International Education
It was a wonderful performance and your hardwork and enterprise and that of your students really showed. All I hear is good reviews from the Furman folks who were in attendance. They thoroughly enjoyed it. As I hear from others, I will ask them to provide feedback.

Get some rest. You deserve it.

Nutan Malde
Just wanted to congratulate you on the fantastic production you put forward. The choreography, the stage setup and of course the participants were all amazing. You really put together a class act. The orchestra by itself was phenomenal.

It's nice to see such a production as Ramayana happening in Greenville. I have heard nothing but great compliments for your show. We were amazed at how quiet everyone was during the whole 2 hour show. You have definitely raised the bar here!!

Thank you so much for showing your support towards Vedic Center as well. We would love to see more shows of this kind in the future.

Subhash Dhulekar, President, Vedic Center Of Greenville
Vedic Center Committe Team members congratulate you, your entire team of participants, music maestros, family, friends & sponsors for the remarkable presentation of "Ramayana" on stage. Everyone in town, including us, is simply mesmerized and rave reviews are being heard from across. Vedic Center, in particular, wants to express its gratitude for Nrityanjali's generosity and support shown towards this esteemed institution.

We, at Vedic Center, wish entire Nrityanjali Team, all the best and many more such stupendous successes in the days to come.

Bette Hedden
I just wanted to tell you once more that my husband and I had a wonderful time on Saturday night! The production was fabulous and my husband was saying that you should contact Charter and have them run it on cable, for all of those that could not be there in person. Please extend my thanks to your wife and tell her how much we enjoyed it.

Srivalli Kondapalli

Great Show Last Night.........

I would like to congratulate Sunitha for a stupendous show. It's just completely a different show of professionalism and perfection. Two hours of show has been presented in such a way that no one realized the time till it finished. The way the details has been presented & executed amazed the audience at times. All the characters performed extremely well and marveled in their roles.

Dr.Rusty Godfrey, Chair, Social Studies & World Languages Dept., Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities
The dance drama was beautiful.  Congratulations to you and your young dancers for a great performance!  Thank you also for adding the narration segments before each scene to explain the epic.  The live music was great as well - what a wonderful flutist and percussionist section.

Sumangala Rao
Congratulations! We really enjoyed the great performance by you and your group yesterday. As everybody said there, I am also not getting enough words to explain how good it was. I could really see the hard work you and your group had put in. Hoping to see another performance like this one from your group soon.

My kids also enjoyed it very much. Only thing my son missed was "Khumbakarna"

Dr. Tommy Watson, Professor of Music at Anderson University
I really enjoyed the Ramayana this evening! It was a beautiful experience that I will not soon forget. The costumes, dancing, singing, and the orchestra were all beautiful! And, the food was fantastic, too! What a tremendous way to celebrate the Indian community in Greenville and Indian culture in general. I hope that this event will become an annual tradition.

Again, thank you for such a beautiful experience!

Dr. Appa Rao, Professor in Clemson University
"Sairam brother - Kudos to you and all your team members. Many thanks for a very enjoyable evening. The program was outstanding.