The dancing and story interpretation was wonderful. I enjoyed it. I really loved the colorful and varied costumes in the wardrobe. The music was well done and the venue had good quality sound. I was very glad that I attended. It was really wonderful that the cast included people of all ages. It was great to see the youngest children maintaining traditional music and dance from their heritage. I couldn't even begin to imagine how much time and hard work has been put into coordinating such a production. Excellent.

The performance tonight was marvelous! I can tell how much hard work the students and even harder work you put into Shiva Shakti! I really enjoyed watching all the talent!

Amazing dance-drama! Enjoyed very much. Hats off to you and the students. Everyone did great. God bless you all.

I commend you and your beautiful performers for a wonderfully rich cultural evening. The students and I really enjoyed it tremendously. Congratulations to you and your fabulous dancers!

Just wanted to let everyone know how much I enjoyed the program, the rehearsals, the food and the company!!

It was a beautiful performance, I just loved it and I am sure you got the same feedback from all others in the audience. it sure was spell binding.

Thank You so much for putting up a great show and bringing back the culture from India.

I attended the production this past weekend. It was wonderful to see the cast of all ages honoring their heritage through traditional dance. The costumes were amazing.

We were in the audience and the show was fabulous. The dancers, the musicians everybody did a wonderful job.

The program was really beautiful and we thoroughly enjoyed it !!!

I had to congratulate you on your success with the 'Shiva Shakthi' !. It was just phenomenal. All of us enjoyed it very well.